july wrap up <3

hii darlings! we are literally halfway through the year and i am just,,, shocked. june was here and was gone in a *poof* and it’s just,, wow. we’re already halfway through the year?? which just feels incredibly weird and also wrong. i literally feel like i cheated time haha. anyways, i’m so excited to be doing a wrap up! this one with be more bookish/writerly focused, if you’re looking for a more faith focused one, please go check out my other blog, full of grace! fair warning, i think i forgot how to write a wrap up so um this will be interesting. 

total books: 10

the secret of the heart note, by stacey lee / four stars / okay, so, this was my *first* stacey lee book, and it did not disappoint. it was so cute and whimsical. i adored the premise of witches who can smell emotions and who use that to make people fall in love. it was so creative and enjoyable. however, i was not super thrilled with all the kissing, and also the romance was about a fifteen year old falling in love with an eighteen year old (i think, i actually don’t fully remember). but it was still a lovely read deserving of four stars. 

a year of biblical womanhood, by rachel held evans / four stars / you guys, this book was so interesting (even though i kinda maybe sorta skimmed parts of it). i learned so much about biblical womanhood and also robotic babies (yes, that was a thing in here). overall, this was really fascinating and taught me so much. 

sisters, by raina telgemeier / two stars / this was actually a, like, millionth reread (and a very quick one at that) and this time, it didn’t fully hold up. i felt too old for it at times and was just disappointed. 

love and gelato, by jenna evans welch / five stars / this book was SO CUTE. i loved it so much. lina was such a sympathetic character and ren was just so much attractiveness I LOVED HIM. 

benbee and the teacher griefer, by k.a. holt / four stars / this book was so realistic. as someone with ADD traits along with autism, i found this super relatable. i mean,,, i didn’t get the video game aspect (i don’t play video games, i find them boring and complicated), but i still really enjoyed it. 

love, life, and the list, by kasie west / four stars / this was really cute, but it was also fluff. it didn’t have much substance? like, it felt kinda,, floofy? but whatever, it was still cute. also the ending kinda destroyed me aisjcmfmb because i am an emotional human being who is emotionally destroyed after almost every book i read.  

after zero, christina collins / four stars / this. book. destroyed me. there are no other ways to describe it. the ending was so sad and the romance was subtle but cute and entire book was just *melts into a puddle of emotions because FEELINGS*

all american muslim girl, by nadine jolie courtney / three stars / i really enjoyed this from a story perspective, but according to goodreads, the muslim storyline was not super realistic? so i guess i’m taking two stars away from it. i will say though that it was well written and while i didn’t agree with the main character’s beliefs, it was still interesting. 

pudge and prejudice, by a.k. pittman / five stars / this was the second book that has destroyed me this month. but not because sad, it was because the romance was so cute. i loved billy fitz and this entire book has made me want to read pride and prejudice. 

we dream of space, by erin entrada kelly / four stars / this book was so cute, and i won’t say anything more here because i wrote about it in this book review <3.

  • read 7 books (i’m gonna read less because camp nanowrimo will keep me busy — also i’m trying to write flash fiction based on these prompts so i will be busy)
  • win camp nanowrimo
  • write at least 3 pieces of flash fiction
  • prepare for back to school
  • get 25 followers on this blog

“people too must wilt, fall, root, rise in order to bloom” 

  • rupi kaur (technically this is not the entire quote, i just especially liked this part of one of her poems)

so um,, this is kinda it for my wrap up? be sure to check out my other wrap up and have a lovely day <3.

10 thoughts on “july wrap up <3

    • ahh yeah it was lovely, oh i get that, i actually had to DNF love and luck because of a plotline that made me uncomfortable. i tried love and olives before i read love and gelato and i was bored with it haha, but i might retry it again now that i’ve read love and gelato.


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